Off Peak Peak
Under 3 months       FREE  FREE       

3 months -

11 months


1 - 4 yrs £4.25 5.25
5-12 years £4.95 5.95
Adults FREE  FREE       

Peak times are weekends and Barnsley and Rotherham Council school holidays (including Inset days and bank holidays)






Party Rooms
Choose between 'Play Valley Big Top' and enjoy your private birthday banquet in our Circus theme party room or even take a visit to the 'Candy Kingdom' with giant lollipops and cupcakes on every wall, party disco lights, bunting and pom poms galore it’s the sweetest place in town!
Party Packages
Choose between our two party packages 'Super Play Party' and 'Toddler Time Party'. Find out more information about the two by visiting our 'party packages' page for more details and comparison between the two.