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7 Reasons Why Soft Play is Great for Kids!

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When you’re looking for a soft play centre in Sheffield or Rotherham for your kids, it’s generally because you want them to let off steam and just have fun in a safe environment! However did you know that soft play has lots of benefits for your child’s physical and mental well being?

Here are seven reasons why soft play is great for kids:

1) Builds social skills

When your little one comes to play, it’s such an exciting opportunity to interact with other children of a variety of ages. This is wonderful for your child’s emotional development as they begin to learn how to deal with their own feelings and the feelings of other children. They can also start to manage conflict in an environment where they have a little independence from their parents. We see so many little friendships formed every day at Play Valley!

2) A mini workout!

Exercise is so important for little ones. The NHS recommends every child gets at least 60 minutes of exercise a day and they certainly get that at soft play! As they jump, run and climb they’re working off that little treat they enjoyed from the cafe and getting rid of the excess energy that they’ve built up at home or school. We see lots of parents clambering through our frames too so it’s also a workout for you!

3) Improves balance and co-ordination

Your children can develop hand-eye co-ordination in our sports court and work on their balance as they find their way through our exciting soft play climbing frame. All in a fun environment that they love!

4) Develop fine motor skills

As well as being great for exercise, soft play is also good for developing those fine motor skills that are so important! It might be when they’re building a wall at our Sheffield site or when they’re taking part in the huge range of events and classes that we run! We’re constantly looking for new ways for children to learn.

5) Encourages pretend play

Creativity is actively encouraged at soft play. Take a look at our Sheffield site and you’ll find a number of different role play areas, including a coffee shop and vet surgery. It’s such a fun way to encourage your child’s creativity as they get to act like grown ups and learn more about the world around them.

6) Enjoy explorative play

Explorative play is when a child uses their touch, smell and taste sense to learn and develop. Within Play Valley you’ll find sensory areas that encourage your child to explore different textures and sensory objects such as fluffy cushions and bubble tanks. Smell and taste senses are taken care of by the cafe which serves up lots of yummy food to keep everyone happy!

7) Improves sleep

Research actually shows that children who exercise more take less time to fall asleep at night! If you have an energetic night owl you might disagree with this one, but hey it’s worth a try!

With so many great benefits, it’s time to come and have fun at our indoor play centres in Sheffield and Rotherham! Click here for directions of how to find us.

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